From Fail to Future

Being a record producer is no easy task, especially when you are a failing one. It is essential in my line of work to not only be on time, but to also be at a designation as early as possible in order to be sure that every part of the recording process runs as smoothly as possible. However, when one performs work all around the country as I do, it can often be difficult to ensure that one is everywhere one needs to be due to one tiny little detail transportation.

Now, you would not think that transportation would be an issue in my line of work. Between the images of fancy cars, drivers and eager interns, one would think that I would always have some way to get where I need to be. Unfortunately, unless you work with the top performers in all of England, that just is not the life you will lead as a record producer. I depend on myself, and on my own resources in order to get from here to there. At least, I used to have to depend on myself before I became more successful and believe it or not, I have short-term car insurance to thank for that.

I was working with an upcoming artist on her album, and she had more talent than I have seen in quite some time. However, she was on a limited time schedule and only had the opportunity to record some tracks in a weekend. Unfortunately as often happens in any business there was a breakdown in communication, and my rental car never made it to the hotel where I was staying. However, one of my good friends had a car near the hotel, and I convinced him to let me drive the classic automobile under one condition I get some brand of short-term car insurance before I get behind the wheel.

Now, I had had a long day as it was. To make things worse, it was getting later and later, my star performer was waiting for me, and this so-called friend wanted me to jump through hoops to get behind the wheel of his vehicle. Needless to say, I was less than enthused. However, after text messaging for a few minutes with a colleague of mine, he mentioned how easy it could be to get temp car insurance. With a couple phone calls, and a few quick questions, I was driving to my appointment. While I was not anything resembling on time for my appointment, I was able to get all of my work done before my performer had to make her leave.

Thankfully, the performer took off, and is quite the local celebrity. This has garnered me quite a bit of local attention, and I am slowly becoming a lot more successful. In addition, I did unfortunately crash the car on the way back to the hotel. While it was not my fault, the insurance covered the vehicle, and probably saved my friendship considering how much he loves that car. All in all, it was worth the price for the short-term car insurance policy.